In Absentia; A TikiColada Circle Skirt


First off, my apologies for so long of a break from the Blogosphere, SO much has been happening! But hopefully it’s all settling down now.

We have moved into a new house in lovely, quirky Mt. Lawley, it’s perfect for us and just five minutes more onto my daily commute, a worthy sacrifice to get out of the toxic environment we were in. Honestly, our last landlord actually sold our house without us even knowing! So glad to have moved on.

We also had a big angry moment at Harvey Norman over a faulty USB wifi adapter they sold us that overheated so much it actually left a blister when I yanked it out of the P.C., and they were so rude about it, refusing to refund or replace it, but we managed to get another store to replace it with something in the same price range (No way were we getting the same one again!). So I am back on the interwebs and sewing too.

Take a look at this cute Circle skirt I’ve made in a lovely rayon/cotton blend. I was so drawn to the fabric for the fact that it was Hawaiian print but in dark kind of stormy colours (hey I think the 16 year old Goth in me was happy), but the store only had 2 metres left so I was kind of stuck on what to make considering that it has an obviously directionality to it, but by creating two half cirlces and sewing them together, the flowers and scenes are only slightly sideways on the side seams, so I can totally live with that hahah and I decided on a shorter length for two reasons; 1. Limited fabric and 2. Summer here is really kicking in, I don’t need extra fabric to lug around in the heat!

(Please excuse my flip flops (As I said it’s too damn hot here))



It is a little shorter than I’d like, but the summer is here, so I will probably be happy of that fact soon enough



I found the construction extremely straightfoward and even hand-picked the zipper. Hemming a single fold baby hem took forever as I did it by hand *yawn* but even with the hand sewing, it only took a single, humid afternoon!

How is the Heat treating you, or the cold depending on your hemisphere?

xx Megs


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sewexhausted
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 18:21:38

    Pretty fabric! And great skirt.. Stay cool! ~Laurie


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